Millions of people are affected by tinnitus, a perception of ringing, clicking, buzzing, or hissing sounds in the ear.  Subjective tinnitus describes a condition in which sufferers perceive the noise internally without having an actual physical cause for the noise. Those suffering from subjective tinnitus have found hypnotherapy effective in alleviating their symptoms. 

There are forms of tinnitus that do have physical causes. Therefore, before a hypnotherapist will treat a client with tinnitus, that client will need medical testing in order to rule out a physical cause. The physical causes that lead to tinnitus may include ear infections, wax build-up, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, or diabetes. Once it is determined that there is no physical cause for the ringing or clicking, then hypnotherapy becomes a viable and recognized treatment for the condition.

Hypnotherapy for tinnitus is one example of the absolute value of hypnosis-based, Middle Mind therapy. Once possible physical causes are eliminated, a sufferer needs no further search for the cause of the problem. Hypnotherapy will create an ability to live without the frustrations associated with the continuous ringing in the ears. For some people, that ringing in the ears is sporadic, while for others it is constant. For those who have the serious forms of tinnitus, the continuous noise can create mental and emotional challenges, ultimately leading to physical problems, as well. Getting the tinnitus under control can improve a sufferer’s daily life immensely. 

Subjective tinnitus is very individualistic; each client has distinctive problems and personal impacts on daily living. The hypnotherapist wants to get to know the specifics of the client's condition and tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to that particular client. The ultimate goal of the hypnotherapy is to push the irritating noises deep into the background of the client’s consciousness so that the mind no longer takes note of the irritating sounds.  The Middle Mind will simply ignore the unwanted sounds, avoiding the constant impact to the client’s life. The client's reaction to the sounds will change, so that the client will no longer live dreading its return. Hypnotherapy does not cure the tinnitus, but it does allow the individual to overcome it.

One typical step in the hypnotherapy treatment of tinnitus is to train the client in the use of self-hypnosis, a tool that the client will be able to use to relax and cope with the condition. The self-hypnosis will work as a reinforcement to the hypnotherapy, providing a more permanent resolution to the problem. 

If you or a loved one is suffering with subjective tinnitus, hypnotherapy has repeatedly proven effective in providing the necessary tools to cope with the condition. Tinnitus should no longer be a constant, cruel interruption in the life of one suffering with the condition.