Sexual Performance

Many men and women suffer from problems associated with sexual performance.  Most of these problems can be treated effectively through hypnotherapy.  However, a hypnotherapist should not begin sessions until a medical professional has ruled out any physical cause for the problems.  For instance, even at young ages, as many as one in five men experience erectile dysfunction (ED), with that percentage increasing with age.  Of those dealing with ED, as many as twenty percent experience a psychological cause that hypnosis can treat.  Only when the physical cause is eliminated should a person seek help with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for sexual performance is not just for men.  Many women experience sexual dysfunction that is linked to emotional or behavioral development.  In women, the issues may be vaginismus (painful tensing spasms of muscles during sex), frigidity, anorgasism (inability to achieve orgasm), or simply lack of sexual desire or drive.  For men, in addition to erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, and lack of sexual drive may impair performance.

The causes for those problems vary as much as individuals themselves vary.  Outside stressors, such as money problems, work turmoil, or family conflict can create performance obstructions.  Anxiety, whether it is related to those stressors or just to the performance itself, can lower the sexual drive.  Often these issues are related to past, often very normal, experiences that have generated Middle Mind (subconscious) behavior patterns that have become impossible to overcome.  Other emotions such as guilt, in all of its various forms, and depression can lead to sexual dysfunction.  These emotions concreate low self-esteem, indifference, and a general apathy that can manifest problems in the bedroom.  Hypnotherapy can address these emotions, thereby helping to increase a person’s sexual performance.  

In hypnotherapy, the therapist will work with the client to explore the root causes and to develop a plan of therapy that addresses those causes.  Through hypnosis, the client will be given the tools necessary to change those emotions and, thus, the behavior.

The ultimate goal coming out of hypnotherapy is a client who is confident, encouraged, and positively anticipating the sexual experience.  The pressure to perform will be replaced with an eager anticipation of a very natural, intimate experience.  Many people have enjoyed a more robust, intimate relationship with their significant others with hypnosis-based therapy.