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19 - 36 Points

Highly receptive to hypnosis – You have a strong will, yet in the right situation you can be highly suggestible. You retain excellent visualisation skills and can access your emotions easily.

You achieve outstanding results when you assign the right emotion to a task. You also find it easy to concentrate and focus your attention with minimum input from an external source. You enjoy being creative and using your imagination. You can relax with little effort.

You possess an exceptional mind that is made for hypnosis and would respond very well to a course of hypnotherapy.

If you are seeking to make a therapeutic change, hypnotherapy can help you accelerate this change in a relatively short period of time.

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13 - 19 Points

Moderately receptive to hypnosis – You are slightly more analytically focused, but on occasions you can employ your creative side. In some situations you can be spontaneous and “let yourself go”, but generally you prefer to be “in control”. Thus it can take some time for you to relax, but you do appreciate it once you have let your guard down. There is a tendency to over-think problems and their solutions, but once you have side-stepped your rational approach, the answer is usually accessible to you just below the surface of your mind.

You have a great mind for hypnosis but may have some inhibitions about the process or the experience. When you have developed a strong rapport with the hypnotherapist and feel comfortable about letting yourself go, the treatment can help you achieve your full potential. If anything, hypnotherapy will add more control to your life, not take it away. A deeper state of relaxation may not be instant, but it is achievable with some practice.

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0 - 13 Points

Slightly receptive to hypnosis – You are predominantly analytical in your approach to life and underuse some very effective personal mental resources (your creativity and emotions).

Keeping control is very important to you. It takes a lot of courage to accept help since you believe that by accepting help, you may lose control of how you like to problem-solve. Being spontaneous is avoided because again, it can seem like an opportunity to lose control and be judged. You struggle to let go and relax; you may wait until you are exhausted before you can relax.

You can benefit from hypnotherapy, but certain barriers would need to be broken down through the course of your treatment. Ironically, this would add more control to your life and help you resolve the issue for which you seek treatment.

Can you accept that hypnosis is merely a state of heightened receptivity to suggestion? Once you have accepted this, you can then benefit from using these positive techniques.

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Why do diets fail?

Ninety-five to ninety-seven percent of all diets fail. Within one to five years, any weight lost during a diet is regained, and often we add even more poundage on the rebound. Then the cycle starts all over again. We are certainly a nation of yo-yo dieters.

Why do diets fail? Our habits, drives, instincts are far too strong. They exist deep inside us – in our Middle Mind. They are much more powerful than anything our conscious effort and determined will can overcome.

The answer so many have been looking for, as it turns out, is incredibly effective, surprisingly fast, and best of all, permanent. Once the programming is set aright, the daily battles with the demon donuts and other temptations are effortlessly won. The answer is hypnotherapy.

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