October 29, 2023 / Genesis 8:20-9:6 “Out of the Ark”

October 29, 2023 / Genesis 8:20-9:6  “Out of the Ark” Today, our discussions hit on Messianic Jews, Noah’s sacrifice, God’s knowledge of man’s intent toward evil from youth, God’s promise not to curse the ground again because of man, Noah’s instruction to fill the earth, animals’ fear of man, man to eat animals now, and the first look at the institution of capital punishment for murder.

The Georgia Guidestones mentioned in class today. They were mysteriously erected in March of 1980 near Elberton, GA (My pet theory is that Ted Turner had something to do with it.) They were destroyed on July 6, 2022 – it looks like some sort of explosion did the damage, but authorities have always remained quiet on the subject. Put those tin foil hats on and get to work team.

Rubble is cast around the Georgia Guidestones after an explosion in Elberton, Georgia, U.S., July 6, 2022 in a still image from video. ABC Affiliate WSB-TV via REUTERS
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