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Atlanta Hypnotherapist Ray Pope


Ray Pope practices is hypnotherapy in Johns Creek, Georgia, in northern Metro Atlanta. Although he was a serious skeptic about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, a serious health problem and a chance meeting with a hypnotherapist led to his 100 pound weight loss, a completely changed lifestyle, and a new calling.

In a soon-to-be-published book, Not What You Think, Ray outlines his remarkable transformation of health, lifestyle and vocation. Excerpts of his book are linked below for your preview.(Sign up for our newsletter to receive an alert when the book is published.)

Ray’s personal mission is threefold: (1) To work together with clients to make their every day better; (2) to perfect his craft; and (3) to educate and persuade all he comes in contact with of the value and benefits of hypnotherapy.

Ray holds a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree from the University of South Alabama and the University of Florida. He holds certifications as a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and the Atlanta Center for Hypnosis Training.

Ray maintains homes in the Atlanta and Augusta areas. He is married to Susan, and between them they have four children and an increasing number of grandchildren.